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Explore York Library service are rolling out a new and innovative community App called myLifePool with the goal of driving people to shop, spend and support local, to help York and it’s communities it to build back better.

Over the coming months we will be working to drive local people into local businesses like yours to help you to recover, rebuild and regenerate your customer base and keep the economy here in York going.

The App will be launching with a huge database of community focused members, ready to mindfully spend locally.

Straight forward process, you give a discount or offer to our members and you gain a loyal customer base and personal recommendations that drive more business to you.

There is absolutely no charge to you for taking up this opportunity, we are here to support you as a business not to make money from you.

All you do is pay forward a discount to our community members for using your services. so it only costs you by repaying people for their spending loyalty, and that only happens when you are gaining customers and making money.